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Microlink strand by strand installation

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🔸️I-tips $300   🔸️Weft $200    🔸️includes 100 i-tips/1 bundle of hair) ⭐ $100 for  each additional 100 itips/1 bundle 📌 - if only 25 extra i-tips or 1/4 bundle used: $25   if only 50 extra i-tips or 1/2 bundle used $50

Microlink strand by strand installs are what is know as “I-tips”. This is a strand by strand extension added to your hair with an invisible bead. This install lasts up to 6 months with proper maintenance. Maintenance is recommended every 6 - 8 weeks depending on hair growth.

The benefits of I-tips is that is a seamless approach to styling your hair any way you want. There is no bulkiness. High ponytails, top knots, and half up/half down styles can be achieved with ease. It leaves your hair to move freely and your scalp open for treatments.

To ensure this technique is best for you, a consultation is required. I will take consultations by phone with the following requirements: a clear picture of the back of your hair with flash and NO FILTER. Let me know the color and length extensions you want. Additionally, include name, date and time of appointment, photo and video of your natural hair texture and straight hair . After you send consult picture, a $100 nonrefundable deposit is required. This deposit is to secure your appointment and the hair extension for you. The deposit goes towards your final payment. This deposit can be paid on my website. Before installation a contract will be explained and a signature is required.

The install can take 4 - 5 hours. The service includes: installation, blending, and styling. You need to arrive to appointment with clean and washed hair. Relaxers should be at least 3-4 weeks old. A fresh relaxer leaves the hair cuticle weak and is not recommended.

Microlink strand by strand install prices

  • Install: $300
  • Maintenance: $100
  • Removal $50

$100 deposit required (goes towards final payment)

  • Most installs take 100-150 I-tips. Maximum: 200 I-tips

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